Shaoshuai Zen Garden

4.4/5 Famous Residences Historical Architecture

Recommended Sightseeing Time:1-3 hours

No. 34, Youya Road, Beitou District, Taipei City

+886-2-28935336 +886-0905760998

Additional Information


The Shaoshuai Zen Garden was the former residence for Zhang Xueliang during his period of house arrest (Shaoshuai being Zhang's nickname). These days, the main bedroom, guest room and changing room in the park have been converted into a restaurant. On the walls of the restaurant, there are photos of Zhang Xueliang and his wife Zhao Yidi at their residence in Taiwan in 1947. Outside of the restaurant, hanging on the walls of the"History Corridor", there are many black and white photos of Zhang Xueliang's life, silently narrating Zhang's life under house arrest raising orchids in Taiwan, enjoying Beijing opera, and playing mahjong.

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