Heping Island Park

4.4/5 Rock MonumentWetland City Park

Recommended Sightseeing Time:3 hours

360 Pingyi Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung, Taiwan


Additional Information


Due to the northeast monsoon blow and the erosion of the waves, the natural landscape of the Peace Island Park is peculiar. Among them, the topography of the tofu rock is a rock that has been eroded by the sea tide all the year round and becomes a square rock. The ancient Dutch language is left in the stone wall of the Fanzi Cave, and it has become one of the monuments of Keelung. There are many strange stones in the masses, which look like baths, petals, etc., and they are like human heads. In addition, the Peace Island Park also has facilities such as camping areas and aerial bicycles to increase the fun of the island.

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