Daxi Honeymoon Bay


Open 24 hours

Recommended Sightseeing Time:1 day

Section 5-1, Binhai Road, Toucheng Town, Yilan County


Additional Information


Honeymoon Bay features reefs on both sides and a soft sandy beach in the middle. The terrain of the Honeymoon Bay is deeper and shallower, and the waves change. Two very good surf sites are formed: one is the rocky place on the right side of the bay, where the beach extends to the sea and the waves are several feet high. There is a grassland nearby for Honeymoon Bay, where you can enjoy the view of the sea and the sky. In addition, near the honeymoon bay in the first city of Yilan County, there are also tourist attractions that are worth visiting. There are Xiyu Port, Taoyuan Valley, Caoling Ancient Road and Beiguan Waterfront Park, so that visitors can enjoy the Northeast Coast Coast Scenic Area.

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