Cingjing Farm


Recommended Sightseeing Time:1-2 days

No. 170, Renhe Road, Datong Village, Ren'ai Township, Nantou County


Additional Information


Qingjing Farm is located in Renai Township, Nantou County, and is known as the three major mountain farms in Taiwan together with Wuling Farm and Lishan Fushoushan Farm. The Qingjing Farm is located between the mountains, from the Puli Road to the mountains, and the scenery is on both sides of the road leading to Hehuan Mountain. There are several parks such as the shepherd area, the cowherd area, and the high-calorie fruit and vegetable area. The hotel area is a tourist attraction that attracts tourists. The buildings have their own characteristics. It feels like walking in different styles in Europe, plus the emerging spots. The cultural scene of the Yi culture, the coffee on the cloud, the folk songs on the mountain, etc. are all good places to visit the Qingjing Farm.

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