Bopiliao Historic Block

4.3/5 Featured Neighborhood

Closed on Mon;Open on Tue-Sun,9:00am-9:00pm

Recommended Sightseeing Time:1 hour


Additional Information


Bopiliao Historic Block is located in Wanhua District of Taipei City. The former Wanhua is also known as the raft, which is the main road of water transportation in the Qing Dynasty. It is said that when the Qingzhou Fuzhou merchant ship was transported into the fir, the tree was stripped here.There are many brick and wood houses on both sides of the street. The red bricks are equipped with black tiles, dark brown wooden doors and wooden windows, and the southern-style arcade architecture is very charming. Today, Bopiliao Street is no longer inhabited, and the local government has renovated the old streets as a place for excursions, local education and cultural activities.

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