The Life of Hinduism

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  • The Life of Hinduism


    Mark Juergensmeyer, editor; Richard Carp, photo editor

    1. The Life of Buddhism,

    edited by Frank E. Reynolds

    and Jason A. Carbine

    2. The Life of Judaism,

    edited by Harvey E. Goldberg

    3. The Life of Hinduism,

    edited by John Stratton Hawley

    and Vasudha Narayanan THE LIFE OF HINDUISM

    edited by

    John Stratton Hawley

    and Vasudha Narayanan

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    The life ofHinduism / edited by John Stratton Hawley and Vasudha Narayanan.

    p. cm. — (The life ofreligion)

    Includes bibliographical references and index.

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    1. Religious life—Hinduism. 2. Hinduism—Customs and practices. 3. Hinduism—Social

    aspects. I. Hawley, John Stratton, 1941– II. Narayanan, Vasudha.

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    List of Illustrations ix

    A Note on Transliteration xi

    Introduction 1

    part i worship

    1 The Experience: Approaching God 33

    Stephen P. Huyler

    2 The Deity: The Image of God 42

    Diana L. Eck

    3 The Miraculous: The Birth of a Shrine 53

    Shrivatsa Goswami and Margaret H. Case

    part ii the life cycle

    4 Marriage: Women in India 63

    Doranne Jacobson 5 Death beyond Death: The Ochre Robe 76

    Agehananda Bharati

    part iii festival

    6 Divali: The Festival of Lights 91

    Om Lata Bahadur

    7 Holi: The Feast of Love 99

    McKim Marriott

    part iv performance

    8 An Open-Air Ramayana: Ramlila, the Audience

    Experience 115

    Linda Hess

    9 A Ramayana on Air: “All in the (Raghu)

    Family,” A Video Epic in Cultural

    Context 140

    Philip Lutgendorf

    10 Possession by Durga: The Mother Who

    Possesses 158

    Kathleen M. Erndl

    part v gurus

    11 Anandamayi Ma: God Came as a Woman 173

    Lisa Lassell Hallstrom

    12 Radhasoami: The Healing Offer 184

    Sudhir Kakar

    part vi caste

    13 A Dalit Poet-Saint: Ravidas 199

    John Stratton Hawley, with Mark Juergensmeyer 14 A Brahmin Woman: Revenge Herself 218

    Lalitambika Antarjanam

    part vii diaspora

    15 Hinduism in Pittsburgh: Creating the South

    Indian “Hindu” Experience in the

    United States 231

    Vasudha Narayanan

    16 A Diasporic Hindu Creed: Some Basic Features

    of Hinduism 249

    Sitansu S. Chakravarti

    part viii identity

    17 Militant Hinduism: Ayodhya and the Momentum

    of Hindu Nationalism 257

    John Stratton Hawley

    18 Tolerant Hinduism: Shared Ritual Spaces—

    Hindus and Muslims at the Shrine of Shahul

    Hamid 266

    Vasudha Narayanan

    19 Hinduism for Hindus: Taking Back Hindu

    Studies 271

    Shrinivas Tilak

    20 Hinduism with Others: Interlogue 288

    Laurie L. Patton and Chakravarthi

    Ram-Prasad, with Kala Acharya

    List of Contributors 301

    Index 307

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