The Evolution of Language

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  • The Evolution of Language

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    brightest chimpanzee, exposed to the same environment, will not.

    Why not? How, and why, did language evolve in our species and

    not in others? Since Darwin’s theory of evolution, questions about

    the origin of language have generated a rapidly growing scientific











    in animals and man, focusing on the evolution of speech, music,


    in terrestrial vertebrates, particularly vertebrate vocal production in

    relationtotheevolutionofspeechandmusicinourownspecies. The Evolution of Language

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    Listoffigures [pageix]

    Acknowledgments [xi]

    Introduction [1]

    section 1 the lay of the land

    1 Languagefromabiologicalperspective [13]

    2 Evolution:consensusandcontroversy [35]

    3 Language [73]

    4 Animalcognitionandcommunication [143]

    section 2 meet the ancestors

    5 Meettheancestors [205]

    6 TheLCA:ourlastcommonancestorwith

    chimpanzees [234]

    7 Hominidpaleontologyandarchaeology [250]

    section 3 the evolution of speech

    8 Theevolutionofthehumanvocaltract [297]

    9 Theevolutionofvocalcontrol:theneuralbasisforspoken

    language [338]

    10 Modelsoftheevolutionofspeechandphonology [364]

    section 4 evaluating phylogenetic models of

    language evolution

    11 Historicaloverview:Westerntheoriesoflanguageorigin

    beforeDarwin [389] viii Contents

    12 Lexicalprotolanguage [401]

    13 Signsbeforespeech:gesturalprotolanguage

    theories [433]

    14 Musicalprotolanguage [466]

    15 Conclusionsandprospects [508]

    Glossary [513]

    Appendix:speciesnames [519]

    References [521]

    Authorindex [605]

    Subjectindex [607]

    Speciesindex [611]

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