the 10000 year explosion

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  • the 10000 year explosion

    “Important and fascinating . . . the provocative ideas in must be taken seriously

    The 10,000 Year Explosion

    by anyone who wants to understand human origins and humanity’s future

    .”—Wall Street Journal

    T HE

    1 0 , 0 0 0 Y E A R

    E X P L O S I O N

    H O W C I V I L I Z A T I O N

    A C C E L E R A T E D

    H U M A N E V O L U T I O N


    “Highly accessible . . . [Cochran and Harpending] ‘get it’

    when so many paleoanthropologist specialists don’t seem to . . .

    a revolutionary explanation for recent human evolution and

    biological variation.”—American Journal of Human Biology

    11 The 10,000 Year Explosion would be important even if it

    were only about population genetics and evolutionary biology,

    but Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending ... have written

    something more. This book is a manifesto for and an example of

    a new kind of history, a biological history, and not just of the

    prehistoric era.”—SEED

    “It is work destined to launch a thousand careers.”—SEED

    “Cochran and Harpending’s book has provided the best exxad

    ample to date of what E. O. Wilson would recognize as conxad

    silient history: not history done just with science in mind or even

    done scientifically, but history done with human biology treated

    as an essential cause and effect of the stories that history tells, and

    as a key without which history cannot make sense.”—SEED

    “For anyone interested in human evolution, this book is an

    absolute must read.”—Choice

    “There is much here to recommend ... and their arguments

    are intriguing throughout. . . it’s clear that this lively, informaxad

    tive text is not meant to deceive (abundant references and a

    glossary also help) but to provoke thought, debate and possibly

    wonder.”—Publishers Weekly

    “A most intriguing deposition, without a trace of ethnic or

    racial advocacy, though directed against the proposition that

    we’re all the same.”—Booklist “Did human evolution come to a screeching halt 50,000

    years ago when Homo sapiens emerged from Africa, thus enxad

    suring the psychic unity of mankind? Don’t be silly, say the auxad

    thors of this latest addition to the fast-emerging discipline of

    biohistory. In clear prose backed by a wealth of hard data,

    Cochran and Harpending add a biological dimension to the

    history of our species and hammer another nail into the coffin

    lid of‘nothing but culture’ anthropology.”—

    -John Derbyshire,

    Prime Obsession

    author of

    “The 10,000 Year Explosion offers scientists and historians a

    new and fertile direction for future research and provides the genxad

    eral public with a better explanation of the past, present, and fuxad

    ture of human beings___I was motivated to read the entire book

    in a single marathon session.”—

    Bruce G. Charlton, MD,

    Professor ofTheoretical Medicine, University of Buckingham,

    Medical Hypotheses

    Editor in Chief of

    “For years, human geneticists have been uncovering a picture

    of human evolution. But now, Gregory Cochran and Henry

    Harpending are encouraging us to ‘fast forward’ the discussion.”

    Human Evolution

    —-John Hawks, author of

    “For generations, scientists have seen culture as slowing or

    halting evolution. In this lively and provocative book, Cochran

    and Harpending, interpreting recent genetic evidence, stick a stiff

    finger into the eye that holds that view. Their ideas will be inxad

    tensely controversial, but they cannot be ignored.”—


    The Tangled Wing The Jewish

    Konner, MD, PhD, author of and

    Body THE

    10,000 YEAR


    10,000 YEAR

    E X P L O S I O N



    Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending



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    Cochran, Gregory.

    The 10,000 year explosion : how civilization accelerated human evolution

    / Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending.

    p. cm.

    Includes bibliographical references and index.

    ISBN 978-0-465-00221-4 (alk. paper)

    1. Human evolution. 2. Genetics. I. Harpending, Henry. II. Title. III.

    Title: Ten thousand year explosion.

    [DNLM: 1. Evolution. 2. Hominidae. 3. Civilization. 4. Genome—

    genetics. GN 281.4 C663z 2009]

    GN281.4.C632 2009



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