Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane

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  • Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane

    Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane

    9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health

    and Real Healthcare Reform

    Kirk Hamilton

    Sacramento, California This book is for educational purposes only. This book is not intended as a

    substitute for medical advice from a physician. The reader should regularly

    consult a physician in all matters relating to his or her health, and particularly

    with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

    Copyright © 2011 by Kirk Hamilton

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    no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in

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    the prior written permission of the publisher.

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    Printed in the United States of America

    First Edition: July 2011

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    ISBN 978-1-890302-11-5

    Cover design by Jamie O’Neal with modifications

    by Konstantin Koryaka and Gwyn Snider

    Interior Book Design by Integrative Ink

    with modifications by GKS Creative What Others Say About Kirk Hamilton’s

    Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane

    “The time has come for every American to take charge of their health

    destiny and give up the false notion that doctors and drugs will save us

    as we commit slow suicide with food. The reliSatnacyei nogn H deraulgths yi si na t phreo Fvaesnt

    fLaainluere and we have an overweight, sickly, and cancer-prone population

    to prove it. Kirk Hamilton does his homework;

    by Kirk will put you on track to a long, healthy life.”

    Eat To Live

    Joel Fuhrman, MD

    Best-selling author of

    Family Physician and Nutritional Researcher


    “Kirk Hamilton has developed an objective, precise, and clearly defined

    protocol for not only staying healthy but also optimizing your physical,

    emotional, and psychological health. There are no shortcuts, but once

    you begin to accept and implement his simple suggestions, you’ll be on

    the path for a lifetime of renewed health. A very powerful book, and one

    that I’ve added to my health library.”

    Dave Scott

    Six-time Ironman Triathlon Champion

    Dave Scott, Inc. Boulder, Colorado

    “Kirk Hamilton has an excellent reputation in integrative medicine and in

    addition is an intelligent medical reporter and writer. He uses many years

    of clinical experience in writing this new book. It is an excellent source

    of information for the patient and clinician alike. In addition, the book provides easy to understand guidelines for staying healthy in the modern

    world. I recommend that you read and use this helpful information.”

    BurTtohne MLip. Boiecr kAscoidn B, MreDa,k MthSr,o PuhgDh

    The Integrative Medical Center of New Mexico

    Author of

    “This book contains an important and often overlooked perspective on

    the diseases of civilization. More importantly, it offers a detailed and

    practical method for enhancing and maintaining health that would be

    appropriate for people of all ages.”

    Robert Krikorian, PhD

    Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience

    Director of the Cognitive Disorders Center

    University of Cincinnati

    “I love the simplicity with which Kirk has addressed the health problems

    we face at the societal and individual levels and also the remedy to rectify

    them. The strategy is basic, straightforward, entirely effective, backed up

    by thousands of scientific articles in the literature on the importance

    of a whole-food, plant-based diet, a consistent and progressive exercise

    routine, and an overall positive approach to life. Anyone who is afflicted

    with chronic disease or who wants to avoid such calamities in the first

    place should read and apply Kirk’s methods.”

    John E. Lewis, PhD

    Assistant Professor

    Director of Research for Complementary and Integrative Medicine

    Associate Director, Medical Wellness Center,

    University of Miami School of Medicine

    “Kirk has an eternal spring of healthy information unlike anyone I know.

    He is passionate and brilliant and 100% committed to helping YOU reach

    your optimum health. Read and enjoy this book!”

    Rip Esselstyn

    TeExnagsi nFeir 2e mDiaent

    Former World Class Professional Triathlete

    Author of “Information overload is wearing us all down. Health-wise, how can we

    figure out what really matters and what really works? Kirk Hamilton’s

    book provides the answers. Everyone should read it and apply its wisdom

    to their lives.”

    Mark Scholz, MD

    Medical DirectInovr,a Psrioons toaft eth Oen Pcroolsotgayte S Spneactiachliesrtss

    Marina Del Rey, California

    Co-author of

    “As we get older, life passes by with increasing velocity. Thank goodness

    Kirk Hamilton has condensed the important elements of staying healthy

    so we really can fit it into our busy lives. His advice is practical and

    doable—so just do it and stay healthy.”

    Healing Arts Education FPoeutenrd aSttaiornr

    Film Producer


    “Kirk Hamilton has synthesized the best scientific health information

    with his extensive knowledge as a medical clinician and healer. His

    health manual is a prescription for getting well and staying well, replete

    with practical ‘steps’ that any person can take to start the process of

    recovering their mind and body. Read the book now and get started on

    your road to recovery!”

    Martin P. Gallagher, MD, DC

    Board Certified Family Physician

    Physician Acupuncturist

    Medical Wellness Associates

    Staying Healthy

    “inD othne’t F laosotk L aton ethe White House or the Senate for healthcare reform.

    Turn instead to Kirk Hamilton’s comprehensive guide

    . It’s a real page-turner that explains with clarity, detail,

    and passion how we can (and must) take responsibility for our own

    healthcare reform. The steps that Hamilton outlines for us are medically

    sound and well worth taking.”

    R. Keith McCormick, DC

    The Whole-BodUy.S A. pOplyromapchic tToe Oasmte mopeomrobseirs

    Ironman Triathlon competitor

    Author of “Kirk has brought together science with real-life experiences. His ability

    to bring in his personal life adds a touch to this book that others do not

    have, yet allows the readers to relate to circumstances they may be going

    through themselves.”

    Stella L. Volpe, PhD, RD, LD/N, FACSM

    Professor and Chair

    Drexel University Department of Nutrition

    “Thank you for this well-thought-out book targeted to help the confused

    and overwhelmed typical American patient. The clearly defined steps

    you describe will take many people by the hand and lead them to good

    health and well-being. This book will be a must-read for patients in our


    Jeanne Drisko, MD, CNS, FACN

    Riordan Endowed Professor of Orthomolecular Medicine

    Director, Program in Integrative Medicine

    Complementary and Alternative Therapies

    University of Kansas Medical Center

    “The goal of most of my customers in the fitness industry over the past

    30 years has been to lose and maintain weight, exercise to health, and

    alleviate stress while conducting a busy life with severe time constraints.

    Kirk Hamilton has provided a concise, compact prescription with a

    template for just that population. We can use his book as the blueprint

    in the fitness industry to educate and assist busy people to the results

    and lifestyle they desire. Kirk is a dedicated researcher and medical

    practitioner who brings the best of research, medical, and alternative

    information, matched with his passion and intensity. This book is an

    excellent summary for the lay public and fitness professional. For those

    looking to simplify the plethora of information available on health,

    weight loss, and exercise, Kirk’s book is a quick recipe to success.”

    Galen Miler, President

    Millennium Sport Clubs

    “I have known Kirk Hamilton for severSatla yyeinagrs H. Keiarlkt hhya sin s utphpe oFratestd Lfaamneily,

    friends, and strangers alike in venues in and out of the health field. H9e

    is a man of his word. After reading , I

    realized immediately the value given in his TRIAD Wellness Program’s Simple Steps to Optimal Health

    . If you care about your future health or the

    health of a loved one, this book is a must-read.”

    Good Communication: A Lost Art

    Michael J. Papa, President of Breit International, Inc.

    Author of

    Staying Healthy

    “inK itrhke HFaasmt iLltaonne has been someone that I have respected and turned to

    for knowledge over the past 15 years. His latest book

    is another example of his invaluable approach to health

    and well-being. What is so often neglected in a health program is the

    individual’s responsibility to make healthy choices. So many people are

    looking for the magic combination of supplements that will undo all of

    the harm that their lifestyle habits cause. Kirk’s latest publication gives

    the reader all of the information that they need, but also emphasizes

    that the first line of defense against chronic disease is choosing a healthy

    lifestyle and diet. This is a must read for anyone looking to improve

    their health using a common sense approach well steeped in science.”

    Emmett J. Hughes, DC, MS

    Associate Professor of Basic Science

    University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic

    “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane

    is solid and exciting information to

    help us all stay in good health. Kirk Hamilton searches for answers with

    untiring zeal. It is to the advantage of pharmaceutical companies to turn

    ‘symptoms,’ that can be corrected by diet, into diseases that are then

    treated with drugs. By following Kirk’s guidelines, you can escape the

    trap and have a vibrantly healthy life. Kirk is a searcher, researcher, and

    a teacher of good health in an untiring, exciting way. This is a wonderful

    book that will help thousands of people have a happier, healthier life.

    Read it and follow it—you will be glad you did.”

    Food and Behavior

    Barbara Stitt, PhD

    Author of

    “The landscape of health is changing, with a comprehensive integrative

    approach to healthcare emerging. Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane is a

    valuable resource for today’s families, as it informs and inspires with

    smart, sensible and savvy tips to help protect and restore the health of

    our loved ones.“ The Unhealthy Truth

    Robyn O’Brien, Author of

    Founder, AllergyKids Foundation Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane

    9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health

    and Real Healthcare Reform

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