Sport And Exercise Psychology

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  • Sport And Exercise Psychology

    Sport and Exercise Psychology Sport and Exercise Psychology

    A Critical Introduction

    Aidan P.Moran

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    ISBN 0-415-16808-2 (hbk) To three special people in my life: My mother, Nora Moran, my girlfriend, Angela, and

    my late nephew, Tristan Moran, who died for his love of sport. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a

    anam dílis. Contents

    Foreword ix

    Preface xi

    Acknowledgements Xii

    List of figures xiv


    Part one Introducing sport and exercise psychology

    1 Introducing sport and exercise psychology: discipline and profession 3


    Part two Exploring athletic performance: key constructs

    2 Motivation and goal-setting in sport 35

    3 “Psyching up” and “calming down”: anxiety in sport 65

    4 Staying focused in sport: concentration in sport performers 95

    5 Using imagination in sport: mental imagery and mental practice in athletes 124

    6 What lies beneath the surface? Investigating expertise in sport 152


    Part three Team cohesion

    7 Exploring team cohesion in sport: a critical perspective 184


    Part four Exploring health, exercise and injury

    8 Does a healthy body always lead to a healthy mind? Exploring exercise 213


    9 Helping athletes to cope with injury: from theory to practice 241

    Glossary 267

    References 275

    Author index 308

    Subject index 323 Foreword

    With increasing interest in and even a fascination with sport psychology and health

    psychology in academic environments, to the sports world and exercise settings, it is not

    surprising to note the variety of books being published on such themes at a rapid rate in

    recent years. Contents range from the very superficial or highly practical to the

    exceptionally scholarly and scientific, depending on the purpose and possible audience of

    the publication. The challenge for the author of a textbook, especially intended for

    undergraduate students, is to somehow present the research literature in an interesting,

    informative, useful, understandable, and organized manner. Ideally, the reader would be

    enthusiastic about learning the subject matter.

    Professor Moran succeeds admirably. This is not just another sport psychology

    textbook. Perhaps what primarily sets it apart from others is the integration of scientific

    substance with real-sport examples of and reference to many famous athletes and

    coaches. As a highly respected scholar and practitioner, his passion for sport as well as

    sport and exercise psychology is obvious throughout the pages of the book.

    Consequently, the reader becomes absorbed in the contents. Even though I am quite

    familiar with the areas of sport psychology addressed by Professor Moran, my attention

    was captured and my motivation sustained as I reviewed the various topics. They include

    a blend of summaries of investigations and theories, issues needing to be resolved, and

    anecdotes and references to sports, athletes, and coaches.

    What I particularly admired was the recency of the scholarly literature and sport figure

    references. Professor Moran is evidently very familiar with the latest happenings in the

    field. His writing style is reader-friendly, and the contents are presented in an interesting

    and intellectually stimulating way. Helpful are exercise boxes sprinkled throughout the

    chapters, with questions to challenge the reader. These are intended to spark reflection on

    issues of debate, as well as to generate possible small-scale research projects. The subject

    matter throughout the book is organized very well, and evidence supportive of

    conclusions is indicated as is inconclusive evidence. Thus, the reader can appreciate the

    difference between scientifically based knowledge vs. intuition and beliefs based on

    personal experiences and hearsay.

    Professor Moran does not attempt to include every conceivable topic or theme

    associated with sport and exercise psychology in his book. This is a wise decision. The

    body of knowledge and areas of interest have exploded in contemporary times, making it

    impossible to do justice to all these topics in one textbook. Professor Moran has included

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