Rosicrucian History and Mysteries

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  • Rosicrucian History and Mysteries

    Rosicrucian History and



    Christian Rebisse

    3 Originally published as Rose-Croix histoire et mystères.

    Translation from the French by Richard Majka.

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    4 We would like . . . all human beings, together or individually, young or old,

    rich or poor, noblemen or commoners, men or women, to be fully educated and to

    become accomplished beings. We would also like them to be educated and

    informed completely, not only on such or such a point, but also on all that will

    allow them to achieve their essence integrally, to yearn to know the truth, not to

    be deceived by pretense, to love good and not to be seduced by evil, to do what

    should be done and to keep from What should be avoided, to speak wisely (and

    not to remain silent) about everything with everyone when it is necessary; lastly, to

    always treat things, men, and God with prudence and not lightly, and to never

    stray from their goal: happiness.

    — Comenius, 17th-century Rosicrucian





    1. Egypt and the Primordial Tradition

    The Primordial Tradition • The Greeks and Egypt • Thot-

    Hermes • Alexandria • The Corpus Hermeticum • Pax

    Romana • Alchemy, Magic, and Astrology • Neoplatonism •

    The Christians Before Hermes • The Sabaeans • Idris-

    Hermes • The Emerald Tablet • Arab Alchemy • Magic and

    Astrology • Eastern Theosophy

    2. Hermeticism and the Philosophia Perennis

    Islam in Spain • Alchemy in Spain • The Picatrix • The

    Qabalah • Astrology • The Expulsion of the Jews • The

    Academy of Florence • Philosophia Perennis • Natural

    Magic • Angelic Magic • The Voarehadumia • De Verbo

    Mirifico • Harmony of the World • Occult Philosophy •

    Giordano Bruno • Alchemy and Nature • Paracelsus • The

    Death of Hermes

    3. The Crisis of the European Consciousness

    The Infinite Universe • The Catalogues of the World •

    Human Anatomy Revealed • The Reformation • The

    Revolts • The Counter-Reformation • The Wars of Religion

    6 • The Imitation of Christ • The Mystic Wedding

    4. The Naometria and the Age of the Holy Spirit

    Simon Studion • The Age of the Holy Spirit • The

    Naometria Nova • The Third Elijah • The Lion of the


    5. The Echoes of the Rose Cross

    The Advertisements from Parnassus • Apollo’s Reform •

    The Fama Fraternitatis • Arabia Felix • Fez, City of Gold •

    The House of the Holy Spirit • The Tomb of Christian

    Rosenkreuz • Paracelsus and Rosenkreuz • Adam

    Haselmayer • Hermes and Rosenkreuz

    6. The Confessio Fraternitatis

    The Monad • The Confessio Fraternitatis • Millennialism •

    The Liber Mundi • The Bible • Alchemy and Reforms • The

    Fortress of Truth • The Sources • The Tübingen Circle •

    Johann Arndt • Tobias Hess • Johann Valentin Andreae •

    An Initiatic Narrative

    7. The Emerald Land

    The Spiritual Filiation • The Imaginal World • True

    Imagination • Initiatic Narratives • Perfect Nature • The

    Old Sage • The Friends of God • The Green Island • The

    Fravartis • Spiritual Knighthood • The Ages of the World •

    The Paraclete • Hierohistory

    8. The Chymical Wedding

    7 Johann Valentin Andreae • The Story • A Baroque Opera •

    Inner Alchemy • The Spiritual Wedding • The Castle of the

    Soul • The Seven Stages • Knight of the Golden Stone

    9. The Rose in Bloom

    Michael Maier • Robert Fludd • Johannes Kepler •

    Frederick V • The Defenestration of Prague • White


    10. The Philosophers and the Rose-Croix

    René Descartes • The Three Dreams • The Placards in Paris

    • Polybius the Cosmopolitan • Holland • The Alchemical

    Temptation • England • The Faerie Queen • Francis Bacon

    • The Theosophists • Novum Organum • The Bee • New

    Atlantis • The Royal Society • Comenius • The Pansophy •

    The College of Light

    11. Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry

    Rosicrucians and Freemasons • Brother I.O. • Anderson’s

    Constitution • Hiram and Rosenkreuz • The Egyptian

    Mysteries • The Noachite Religion • The Golden and Rosy

    Cross • The Golden Fleece • The Golden Rosy Cross of the

    Ancient System • The Essenes and Templars • Initiated

    Knights and Brothers of Asia • The Rose-Croix Degree •

    Spiritual Knighthood • The Enlightenment and Illuminism

    12. Magnetism and Egyptosophy

    The Enlightenment • Sensationalism • Man as Machine •

    Magnetism • The Society of Harmony • Art and Egypt •

    8 The African Architects • Primitive Religion • Cagliostro •

    The Condemnation of Magnetism • Somnambulism • The

    Pyramid of the Tuileries • Napoleon and Egypt • The

    Friends of the Desert • The Memphis Rite • The Rosetta

    Stone • The Society of Magnetism • Between Science and

    Tradition • The Society of Spiritualistic Magnetizers of Paris

    • The Church and Magnetism • Jesus the Essene

    13. In Search of the Psyche

    Hypnosis • Spiritualism • Allan Kardec • Zanoni • The

    S.R.I.A. • Helena Petrovna Blavatsky • An Adventure

    Among the Rosicrucians • The H.B. of L. • Psychic


    14. The Rose Garden of the Magi

    Monte Verità • The Templars of the Orient • The Golden

    Dawn • Joséphin Péladan • The Rosicrucians of Toulouse •

    The Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Croix • The Rose-Croix

    of the Temple and the Grail • The Magic of Art •

    Symbolism • The Magnificents • The Rosicrucian Salons •

    The Confraternity of the Rose Window • Count Falkenstein

    15. The First “Rosicrucians” of America

    The First “Rosicrucians” of America 144 Pietism •

    Boehmism and the Qabalah • Millennialism • The

    Philadelphian Society and English Millennialism • The

    Departure for America

    16. Harvey Spencer Lewis

    9 The Mystic Awakening • New Thought • The Kybalion •

    The New York Institute for Psychical Research

    17. The Journey to the East

    The Orient • The Manhattan Mystic Circle • Egypt • The

    New Ontology • A Mystical Experience • The Journey to

    France • Toulouse, the Rose-Red City • The Initiation • The

    Secret of the Origins

    18. The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis

    The Philomathic Society • The Martinist Project • The Visit

    of an Old Lady • The Birth of AMORC • The First

    Rosicrucian Lodge • An Alchemical Demonstration • H.

    Spencer Lewis, Freemason • The First Rosicrucian


    19. International Alliances

    Theodor Reuss and the O.T.O. • The TAWUC • The

    Rosicrucians of France • The Journey to France in 1926 •

    André Lebey and the League of Nations • A Reception at

    the Grand Orient in Paris • The Beginnings of

    Rosicrucianism in France • Nicholas Roerich and the World

    Council • The Polaires • The FUDOSI • The Triangle of the


    20. The Contemporary Era

    The Teachings of AMORC • AMORC in the World • The

    Fourth Rosicrucian Manifesto Conclusion Notes Thematic

    Bibliography Index of Personal Names viii Illustrations


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