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  • Quick Review Cards for Medical Laboratory Science

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    Quick Review Cards for Medical

    Laboratory Science

    Second Edition

    Valerie Dietz Polansky, MEd,


    Program Director

    Medical Laboratory Technology Program

    St. Petersburg College

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    Dedicated to my husband, Gary, for his support and

    encouragement through another long project, and in loving

    memory of my parents, Bill and Lee Dietz, who provided me

    with the education that was the foundation of my career. 2956_FM_i-xxii 29/01/14 11:54 AM Page iv 2956_FM_i-xxii 29/01/14 11:54 AM Page v

    Preface v

    Quick Review Cards for Medical Laboratory Science were No review of this type can include all topics. This review

    developed as a study aid to improve student performance focuses on common procedures and disorders, other

    on Board examinations in medical laboratory science knowledge that entry-level laboratory professionals are ex-

    (medical technology) at both the technician and technol- pected to have, and topics that are frequently included on

    ogist levels. (Technician candidates may skip the section Board exams. The review cards are written in an informal

    on management and education.) note-taking style, using abbreviations, symbols, and short

    This card deck is the product of more than 30 years of phrases to maximize the amount of information included.

    experience teaching hundreds of students who have suc- A list of abbreviations is found in the frontmatter.

    cessfully passed Board examinations at both levels. The New to the second edition are a chapter on molecular

    card format allows for easy sorting and portability, making diagnostics and graphics for select topics. Space did not

    them ideal for quick reviews and last-minute studying. Use allow for inclusion of drawings of all cells/organisms. Stu-

    of these cards alone, however, does not guarantee a pass- dents are encouraged to refer to textbooks to supplement

    ing score; they are intended to be used as an adjunct to their review with additional pictures and diagrams. Further

    traditional textbooks. Students are encouraged to high- benefit could be derived from making their own drawings,

    light unfamiliar information and to refer to textbooks and diagrams, and flow charts. Active and frequent review will

    class notes to supplement their study of those topics. The lead to higher scores.

    use of a multiple-choice review book and practice exams Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the

    also will help to round out a student’s preparation for the content. In some cases, discrepancies were found within

    Board exam. and among references; then information was either se-

    The review cards will also be beneficial to MSL and MLT lected from the most recent publication or confirmed in

    students before graduation as they prepare for course exam- another source. Please let the publisher know if you have

    inations. Professionals who are cross-training or reentering suggestions for improving future editions.

    the workplace will find these cards useful as well. 2956_FM_i-xxii 29/01/14 11:54 AM Page vi 2956_FM_i-xxii 29/01/14 11:54 AM Page vii

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    Reviewers ix

    Eileen Carreiro-Lewandowski, CLS Andrea R. Hoffmann, MT(ASCP)CM Sonja Nehr-Kanet, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM

    Professor Instructor Clinical Associate Professor

    University of Massachusetts Delgado Community College Idaho State University

    Dartmouth, Massachusetts New Orleans, Louisiana Meridian, Idaho

    Terry Dunkel, MS, MT(ASCP) Stephen M. Johnson, MS, MT(ASCP) Maura Pieretti, PhD, HCLD

    Program Director, Assistant Professor Program Director Scientific Director

    Presentation College Saint Vincent Health Center, BayCare Laboratories

    Aberdeen, South Dakota Erie, Pennsylvania Tampa, Florida

    Kathleen Engelmann, PhD, MLS(ASCP) Kathy Kenwright, MS, MT(ASCP)SI, MB Ellen F. Romani, MHSA, MLS(ASCP)CM,

    Associate Professor Associate Professor BB, DLM

    University of Bridgeport University of Tennessee Health Department Chair

    Bridgeport, Connecticut Science Center Spartanburg Community College

    David M. Falleur, Med, MT(ASCP), CLS Memphis, Tennessee Spartanburg, South Carolina

    Chair, Associate Professor Kristi Lew, BSc (MLS), MSc, MLT, Anchalee D. Steele, MT(ASCP)

    Southwest Texas State University MLS(ASCP)CM Program Director

    San Marcos, Texas Assistant Professor Spencerian College

    Abraham Furman, PhD University of Alberta Lexington, Kentucky

    Associate Professor Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Amy Sutton, BS, MT(ASCP)

    Oregon Institute of Technology Amy M. McCarty, MA, BS(ASCP) Laboratory Supervisor

    Klamath Falls, Oregon Program Director Schryver Medical

    Michelle L. Gagan, MSHS, MLS(ASCP) Washington Hospital Center Phoenix, Arizona

    Education Coordinator Washington, DC

    York Technical College

    Rock Hill, South Carolina

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