Napoleon: A Biography

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  • Napoleon: A Biography

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    ISBN 0-7126-6247-2P imlico

    Random House

    20 VauxhalBlr idgReo ad

    LondonS W I V 2SA


    www. randomh ous.ec o.u

    9 £12.50

    Biography/History 1796

    The legend in the making: Bonaparte at the Bridge of Arcole, D

    evious, manipulative,

    pessimistic: Madame Mere

    (Maria Letizia Bonaparte)

    The acme of lubricious beauty:

    Pauline Bonaparte Joseph, Louis,

    Napoleon's 'complex' elder brother the reluctant accomplice

    Lucien, Jerome,

    the enemy within Napoleon's 'Benjamin' The Christ-like Bonaparte heals the sick at Jaffa

    in this hagiographic srudy by Gros

    (Opposite page) 1800:

    Marengo, the first of many close-run affairs J

    osephine Beauharnais,

    Creole beauty and Empress

    A second Hannibal but without the elephant:

    Napoleon crosses the Alps by mule Austerlitz: Napoleon's finest hour 1803-04:

    The invasion scare,

    an early vision of the Channel Tunnel


    The First Consul becomes Emperor:


    Napoleon's coronation, December

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