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    “Money Making Secrets of Mind Power Masters”

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    Edited by Andreas Ohrt <<< http://www.MindPowerNews.com >>> Page 3 MONEY MAKING SECRETS OF MIND POWER MASTERS

    Five Amazingly Simple Ways to Trick Your

    Mind Into Attracting Wealth

    by Andreas Ohrt

    Welcome to “Money Making Secrets of Mind Power Masters.” I truly hope this book will

    help you change your life in many revolutionary ways, not the least of which is filling

    your life with boundless abundance and prosperity. To help you get started, I’ve written

    this introductory chapter with the complete beginner in mind. While this book is packed

    with techniques for any level of mind power student, from beginner to expert, I wanted

    to start with some very simple ways anyone can get started, right now.

    Learning how to use mind power, and learning specifically how to use mind power to

    attract wealth and abundance, has been a major focus for most of my life. Along the

    way, I've learned that using mind power works most effectively when it is done with

    ease and grace. You don’t need to struggle to get exactly what you want in life. In fact,

    whenever you struggle, you push away that which you most desire.

    Using mind power to change your life is more like a magic trick than anything else. You

    simply trick your mind into believing that you have what you want, and then your life

    miraculously changes to reflect your new belief. And just like a magic trick, it seems

    impossible until you learn the trick, and then you realize it is actually very simple.

    Yes, I said very simple. The five steps which follow are designed for the complete

    beginner. You can start today, right now, to attract more prosperity in your life. Here are

    five ways to start immediately.


    In order to attract money into your life, you must show gratitude for the money which is

    already in your life. Instead of bemoaning how little money you have, bask in gratitude

    at the many ways in which you are rich already. For example, if you earn more than

    $25,400 a year you are in the top 10 per cent of wealthy people on this planet. And if

    you earn over $2,182 per year, you have more wealth than 85 per cent of the people

    on earth. When you focus on what you have rather than what you want, you realize

    that you ARE already rich. Give thanks often for all the riches in your life.

    Edited by Andreas Ohrt <<< http://www.MindPowerNews.com >>> Page 4 MONEY MAKING SECRETS OF MIND POWER MASTERS

    How to use this principle today:

    The next time money enters your life, from any source whatsoever, instead of barely

    noticing what has happened and mentally beginning to spend it, use a few moments of

    time to give thanks to the universe for bringing this money into your life. Every time

    you receive a paycheck, every time someone gives you money for any reason, every

    time you find money, or get a great deal, or save money in some way, stop and appre-

    ciate the fact that money is flowing into your life. Doing this every time money comes

    to you will attract more and more money into your life.


    This is the fundamental truth of all mind power work, that you must act as if what you

    want is already yours. So act as if you already have the money you wish to have. Ask

    yourself, if I was already rich, what would I do, how would I act, how would I feel, and

    then do, act, and feel in those ways. Of course, you don't need to quit your job and

    move to the South Pacific like you would if you suddenly won the lottery, but you start

    small and with each success you build your way to greater and greater wealth. Eat a

    little bit better, dress a little bit nicer, go on slightly higher-end vacations, take a cab

    instead of the bus now and then, take that course you think you can’t afford, or do any-

    thing at all that you wish to do but believe you can’t because of a lack of money. And

    when you do these things, bask in joy at your inner state of wealth, and know that this

    state will be reflected in your outer world. You’ll be amazed at how life provides for the

    things which bring you joy.

    How to use this principle today:

    The next time you are about to buy something, anything at all, purchase an item that is

    of slightly higher quality and price than you would usually buy. Even if something only

    costs a few dollars more than what is usual for you to spend, buy that item and thank

    the universe for providing for your new expanding lifestyle. Even though it is a tiny

    step, you are beginning to teach your mind that you are expanding your limitations,

    and as you practice this you will begin to purchase more of the things you want in your

    life and the money will come to you to pay for them.


    In order to attract wealth into your life, your subconscious mind must be open to the

    Edited by Andreas Ohrt <<< http://www.MindPowerNews.com >>> Page 5 MONEY MAKING SECRETS OF MIND POWER MASTERS

    idea of wealth flowing to you. You must be open and receptive to money coming to you

    from any source whatsoever. This includes the pennies laying on the street. If you pass

    a penny on the sidewalk, and your usual reaction is simply to ignore it because stoop-

    ing down to pick up a penny is not worth the effort, you are telling your subconscious

    mind that you are not willing to put out effort for money. The amount of money makes

    no difference whatsoever. The subconscious mind doesn't distinguish between one

    penny and one million dollars. All it knows is how you feel. Of course this manifests in

    many other ways as well. Whenever you do not accept a gift graciously, whenever you

    do not charge someone for work that you have done for them, or charge them way

    less than you should because you feel guilty, and whenever you sell a product for less

    than it is worth because you do not want to charge too much, you are generating the

    same emotions. So begin to be open to money, in whatever form, and begin to accept

    it's flow into your life, even if it's only a penny on the street.

    How to use this principle today:

    Simply go for a walk today and look for money. You are sure to find at least a penny

    somewhere. Pick it up and thank the universe for bringing money into your life. Let

    your subconscious mind know that you are open and willing to accept money from any

    source. As well, apply this principle in your working life. If you have been undercharg-

    ing for your services, raise your prices. If you are not earning what you feel you

    should, ask for a raise. And whenever anyone gives you anything, especially money,

    accept it graciously and give thanks.


    One thing that all self-made millionaires agree on is that there are opportunities every-

    where, if we are just open to seeing them. You can prove this for yourself by looking at

    your own life. There are probably many times in your past which you think back to and

    wonder what might have happened if you had taken an opportunity at just the right

    time. Whether it’s obvious things like career opportunities you let slip by, investment

    opportunities you didn’t believe in, or less obvious opportunities like an idea you once

    had that is now making someone else rich, or an industry you could have joined before

    it became saturated.

    If you are like most people, when you think of your past opportunities, you believe that

    4Edited by Andreas Ohrt <<< http://www.MindPowerNews.com >>> Page 6 MONEY MAKING SECRETS OF MIND POWER MASTERS

    you once had a chance but that opportunity is now gone. The difference between rich

    and poor people is that rich people realize that new opportunities are always all around

    us, all the time. You simply need to keep a look out for the opportunities, keep and

    open mind, and be prepared to take advantage when the opportunity arrives.

    I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage that luck occurs when opportunity meets prepara-

    tion. Well, it couldn’t be more true. If you expect to find money-making opportunities in

    your life, and you prepare to take advantage of them when they come, you will be

    blessed with more incredible luck than you have ever experienced.

    How to use this principle today:

    Get out a little notebook and write down all the money-making ideas you can think of. It

    doesn’t matter how stupid or outrageous the idea might seem, but write it down anyway.

    This does two things. First, you realize that there are plenty of money-making opportuni-

    ties around you right now, as there always have been and always will be. Secondly, this

    exercise will stimulate you mind to see money-making opportunities where it might have

    ignored them in the past, and will help you practice to see opportunities in the future. If

    you keep adding ideas to your notebook consistently, one day you will see an incredibly

    opportunity on your list which is perfect for you. Then go for it!


    This has got to be the easiest money-making advice I could ever give. Do something

    that makes you feel good. When you feel good, your energy rises, and when your ener-

    gy rises, it attracts more of the things into your life which make you feel good. Could life

    be any easier? Not really, but we are so caught up in the backwards thinking of every-

    one around us that we miss the obvious flow of energy. All you really need to attract

    more of the good things in your life, including more money, is to generate positive ener-

    gy into the world. The states of happiness and joy literally rearrange the atoms of your

    world to bring you more happiness and joy. Of course, the reverse is true as well. So

    avoid fear, anger, depression, and spend your time feeling good about yourself and your

    life. If this is difficult for you, just practice. Begin with some small thing which brings you

    happiness. It could be as simple as watching a sunset, renting your favorite movie of all

    time, taking someone you love out for dessert, or anything at all. The secret is to do

    these things whole-heartedly, with all your attention focussed on the happiness vibrating

    Edited by Andreas Ohrt <<< http://www.MindPowerNews.com >>> Page 7 MONEY MAKING SECRETS OF MIND POWER MASTERS

    from your soul out into the world. This simple act will bring you rich rewards.

    How to use this principle today:

    Don’t just read this article and think, that sounds good, and then go back to your life.

    Pick something to do which will bring you happiness and do it today. It doesn’t matter

    what it is or how small it seems. In fact, you don’t have to do anything at all. All that is

    important is feeling the positive emotions of happiness and joy emanating from your

    soul. One simple way to generate positive emotion is to feel gratitude for something in

    your life. Just pick something in your life for which you are very grateful, and vibrate

    your gratitude towards it.


    That should get you started. Five extremely simple actions you can take to begin to

    expand the prosperity you experience in your life. But don’t stop there. Never let fear

    or doubt enter your mind. There is nothing you need to succeed except the power of

    your own mind. If you worry that you are not smart enough, not connected enough, not

    talented enough, not young enough or not old enough, you are simply creating limiting

    beliefs which will manifest in the outside world. All you really need to know is that the

    outside world is a reflection of the state of your inner mind. Know that you can make

    every day from this day forward a little more joyful and a little more abundant and you

    watch your life begin to change.

    It’s an easy and gentle process, much like letting a plant grow. One day you will sud-

    denly realize that all of your good thoughts have grown into the beautiful fruits of a

    happy and successful life. This short article will point you in the right direction. But

    don’t stop here. Read this book, learn from the experts, and use the advanced tech-

    niques they teach to improve your life. Go for it!


    Andreas Ohrt is the editor of Mind Power News, a free weekly e-zine which

    compiles all the news headlines, scientific research, and cutting-edge

    developments in the science of Mind Power. Get your free subscription

    and more free bonuses at www.mindpowernews.com


    Edited by Andreas Ohrt <<< http://www.MindPowerNews.com >>> Page 8 MONEY MAKING SECRETS OF MIND POWER MASTERS

    Tapping Your Subconscious Mind

    by Brian Tracy

    You have available to you, right now, a power like a supercomputer that can enable

    you to solve any problem, overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal you can set

    for yourself.

    This power has been used throughout history to take people from rags to riches, from

    poverty and obscurity to success and fame, from unhappiness and frustration to joy

    and self-fulfillment. And it can do the same for you.

    This power has been called many things by many people in many places. It is the fun-

    damental principle of most religions, philosophies and metaphysical teachings. It

    underlies much of psychology and is the cornerstone of all success and achievement.

    In its simplest terms, it is called the “subconscious mind,” although this is a misunder-

    standing because the true subconscious mind is merely a memory bank of senses and

    impressions that reacts automatically based on your previous experiences.

    It has also been called the “universal subconscious mind” and the “collective uncon-

    scious.” The great Austrian psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, referred to this as the “supercon-

    scious mind.” He felt that the collective wisdom and knowledge of all the ages was

    contained in this superconscious mind and was available to everyone.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to it as the “oversoul” and wrote that, “We live in the

    lap of an immense intelligence that, when we are in its presence, we realize that it is

    far beyond our human mind.” Emerson, the great American transcendentalist, felt that

    all power and possibility for the average person came from using this mind on a regu-

    lar basis.

    Napoleon Hill, perhaps the greatest researcher on success of the 20th century, called

    this power the “infinite intelligence.” After spending more than 20 years interviewing

    500 of the most successful men and women alive in America at that time, he conclud-

    ed that, without exception, their ability to tap into this higher form of infinite intelligence

    was the primary reason for their great success in life.

    Edited by Andreas Ohrt <<< http://www.MindPowerNews.com >>> Page 9 MONEY MAKING SECRETS OF MIND POWER MASTERS

    Whatever you choose to call it, this power is as available to you at this very minute as

    it ever has been to anyone, anywhere. I refer to it as the “superconscious mind,” the

    mind that is above and outside all other minds or intelligences.

    The superconscious mind is the source of all examples of pure creativity. It is the super-

    conscious mind that is functioning at the creation of anything that is completely new in

    the universe. The superconscious mind was tapped into and used by all the great inven-

    tors, writers, artists and composers of history on a regular basis, right up to the present

    day. Every great work of art or creativity is infused with superconscious energy.

    Thomas Edison used his superconscious mind regularly to come up with hundreds of

    brand new ideas and inventions, more than 1,000 of which completely transformed

    America at the beginning of the 20th century. More recently, William Gates came up

    with an idea for a basic operating system for the early computers, which he called

    “MS-DOS.” It was so unique and revolutionary that he and Paul Allen were actually

    writing the program on the airplane as they flew to their meeting with their first cus-

    tomer. Today, Bill Gates is the world’s richest man, and it all came from a supercon-

    scious flash of insight. Bach, Beethoven and Brahms tapped into the superconscious

    mind regularly to write some of the finest music ever heard. Mozart was so finely tuned

    into his superconscious mind that he could both see and hear the music in his head

    and was then able to write down some of the most beautiful music of the ages, note

    perfect, the very first time he put pen to paper.

    Whenever you see, read, listen to, or experience a great achievement of any kind that

    touches something deep inside you, you are witness to a superconscious creation.

    Your superconscious mind can access every piece of information stored in your con-

    scious and subconscious minds. It can also access data and ideas outside your own

    experience, because it actually lies outside your human mind. This is why it is called a

    form of universal or infinite intelligence.

    You will often get ideas that come to you from far beyond you. It is not unusual for two

    people separated by thousands of miles of distance to come up with the same idea at

    the same time. When you are well-attuned to another person, such as your spouse or

    Edited by Andreas Ohrt <<< http://www.MindPowerNews.com >>> Page 10

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