Karl Marx: A Biography

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  • Karl Marx: A Biography

    K A R L M A R X

    D A V I D M c L E L L A N A B I O G R A P H Y

    ndoubtedly the best

    one-volume biography of

    the great man in existence.'

    Sunday Times KARL MARX

    DAVID MCLELLAN is Professor of Political Theory at

    the University of Kent. His numerous books have been

    translated into many languages. His most recent publi-

    cations are Simone Weil: Utopian Pessimist and Unto

    Caesar: The Political Relevance of Christianity and he is

    now working on a book which relates recent case law

    to political theory. ALSO BY DAVID McLELLAN

    The Young Hegelians and Karl Marx

    Marx before Marxism

    Karl Marx: The Early Texts

    Marx's Grundrisse

    Karl Marx: His Life and Thought



    Karl Marx: Selected Writings

    Marxism after Marx

    Simone Weil: Utopian Pessimist

    Unto Caesar: The Political Relevance of Christianity David McLellan


    A Biography


    First published 1973 by Macmillan Press Ltd

    This edition published 1995 by Papermac

    an imprint of Macmillan General Books

    Cavaye Place London swio gtc

    and Basingstoke

    Associated companies throughout the world

    ISBN O 333 63947 2

    Copyright © David McLellan 1973, 1995

    The right of David McLellan to be identified as the

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    A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from

    the British Library

    Phototypeset by Intypc, London

    Printed and bound in Great Britain by

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    This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not,

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    condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. Contents

    List of Plates vii

    Acknowledgements viii

    Preface to Third Edition ix

    Preface to First Edition xi

    Map: Germany about 1848 xiii


    Childhood, 1. Student Days, 13. Journalism, 32.

    two: PARIS

    Marriage and Hegel, 57. The Deutsch-Franzosische Jahrbiicher, 69.

    The 'Paris Manuscripts', 91. Last Months in Paris, 110.


    The Materialist Conception of History, 125. Weitling and Proudhon, 137.

    The Founding of the Communist League, 149.


    From Brussels to Paris, 173. Politics in Cologne, 177.

    The Neue Rheinische Zeitung, 179. The Watershed, 186.

    The Demise of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung, 193. Paris Again, 201.


    The First Year in London, 207.

    Refugee Politics, 229. Life in Dean Street, 237.

    Resumed Economic Studies, 251. Journalism, 255. vi CONTENTS


    The Grundrisse and Critique of Political Economy, 266. Herr Vogt, 283.

    Marx and Lassalle, 287. Life in Grafton Terrace, 294. Capital, 302.

    Life in Modena Villas, 319.


    Origins of the International, 332. Growth of the International, 337.

    The International at its Zenith, 346.

    The Franco-Prussian War and the Decline of the International, 355.


    Marx at Home, 380. Work, 385. Health, 390. The European Scene, 394.

    Russia, France and Britain, 401. The Last Years, 408.


    The Russian Aristocrat, 417. The American Senator, 417.

    The Down-and-out Prussian Lieutenant, 418. The Faithful Disciple, 419.

    The Anarchist Opponent, 419. The Adoring Daughter, 420.

    The English Gentleman, 420. Marx's Confession, 421.


    Chronological Table, 426.

    Genealogical Tree, 432.

    Diagram of Marx's 'Economics', 433.

    Select Critical Bibliography, 434.

    Index, 456. List of Plates

    1 Marx's birthplace

    2 Karl Marx, aged eighteen

    3 Jenny von Westphalen

    4 Friedrich Engels

    5 Helena Demuth

    6 Jenny Marx, soon after her marriage

    7 Jenny Marx with her eldest daughter Jenny

    8 28 Dean Street

    9 The first known photograph of Marx

    10 The younger Jenny

    n Laura Marx

    12 Freddy Demuth

    13 Eleanor Marx

    14 Edgar Marx

    15 Marx and Engels with Jenny, Eleanor and Laura

    16 9 Grafton Terrace

    17 Marx in 1872

    18 Marx and his daughter Jenny

    19 Marx in 1867

    20 The only known profile photograph of Marx

    21 Marx in 1875

    22 Marx in 1882: the last photograph

    23 41 Maitland Park Road

    24 The chair in the British Museum

    25 Marx's tomb in Highgate Cemetery

    26 Jenny Marx shortly before her death Acknowledgements

    The plates are reproduced by permission of the following: i, Staatsbiblio-

    thek, Berlin; 2 and 14, Dietz Verlag, Berlin; 3-7, io, 15, 18 and 26, Int.

    Instituut voor Soc. Geschiedenis, Amsterdam; 9 and 21, Radio Times

    Hulton Picture Library; 11 and 13, Marx Memorial Library; 12, David

    Heisler, London; 17, 19 and 22, Institut fur Marxismus-Leninismus, East

    Berlin; 20 and 23, Communist Party Headquarters, London; 24, the

    British Museum; 25, Angelo Hornak, London. Nos 8 and 16 were taken

    by the author.

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