Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics: 100 Questions and Answers

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  • Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics: 100 Questions and Answers

    Inside Islam

    A Guide for Catholics

    Daniel Ali and Robert


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    Printed in the United States of America ISBN: 978-0-9659228-5-2 Abbreviations

    Old Testament

    Gn = Genesis

    Sng = Song of Songs

    Ex = Exodus

    Wis = Wisdom

    Lv = Leviticus

    Sir = Sirach

    Nm = Numbers

    Is = Isaiah

    Dt = Deuteronomy

    Jer = Jeremiah

    Jos = Joshua

    Lam = Lamentations

    Jgs = Judges

    Bar = Baruch

    Ru = Ruth

    Ez = Ezekiel 1 Sam = 1 Samuel

    Dn = Daniel

    2 Sam = 2 Samuel

    Hos = Hosea

    1 Kgs = 1 Kings

    Jl = Joel

    2 Kgs = 2 Kings

    Am = Amos

    1 Chr = 1 Chronicles

    Ob = Obadiah

    2 Chr = 2 Chronicles

    Jon = Jonah

    Ezr = Ezra

    Mi = Micah

    Neh = Nehemiah

    Na = Nahum

    Tb = Tobit

    Hb = Habakkuk

    Jdt = Judith Zep = Zephaniah

    Est = Esther

    Hg = Haggai

    Jb = Job

    Zec = Zechariah

    Ps = Psalms

    Mal = Malachi

    Prv = Proverbs

    1Mc = 1 Maccabees

    Eccl = Ecclesiastes

    2Mc = 2 Maccabees

    New Testament

    Mt = Matthew

    1 Tm = 1 Timothy

    Mk = Mark

    2 Tm = 2 Timothy

    Lk = Luke

    Ti = Titus Jn = John

    Phlm = Philemon

    Acts = Acts

    Heb = Hebrews

    Rom = Romans

    Jas = James

    1 Cor = 1 Corinthians

    1 Pt = 1 Peter 2

    Cor = 2 Corinthians

    2 Pt = 2 Peter

    Gal = Galatians

    1 Jn = 1 John

    Eph = Ephesians

    2 Jn = 2 John

    Phil = Philippians

    3 Jn = 3 John

    Col = Colossians

    Jude = Jude

    1 Thess = 1 Thessalonians Rv = Revelation

    2 Thess = 2 Thessalonians

    CCC = Catechism of the Catholic

    Church Foreword

    Islam glories in the clear simplicity of its doctrine and

    demands. The faith of the Muslim can be understood by the

    least educated person, and the religion offers a promise of

    eternal happiness in a paradise appealing to the senses.

    Muslims criticize Christianity for a number of reasons, but

    chief among them is that Christianity is too complex a

    mystery to be true. Furthermore, the belief in a heaven

    where the blessed see God face to face seems blasphemous

    to the Muslim.

    Despite Islam’s profession of a simple, clear faith, this

    religion is not well known to most Westerners. The media

    presents many news stories about Muslims without offering

    any real explanation of Islam and its tenets. Rarely does one

    encounter an article or program which explains the essential

    differences between secular Arab nationalism and Islamic

    religious movements. Many Western Christians remain

    unclear about the differences between the various Muslim

    sects: How do Sunni and Shiite differ? What are Wahhabi


    Since the conflicts in the Middle East have involved

    America in two wars and terrorism has inflicted horrors

    upon our own shores and abroad, the sale of the Koran in its

    English translation has greatly increased in the United

    States. Many American Christians want to better understand

    Islam but find that the more closely they approach this

    enigmatic faith, the more complex it seems. Since the Koran

    is not organized chronologically or thematically, it is

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