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    How to Get Everything

    You Want — Faster

    Than You Ever Thought


    By: Brian Tracy Dedication

    To Rick Metcalf, a good friend, a great American, an extraordinary

    entrepreneur, one of the best salesmen who ever lived, and an

    inspiration to everyone who knew him.

    I only wish you could be here to read this book. You left us all too


    GOALS! Manuscript (4/15/05) – Page 2 Table of Contents


    How to Get Everything You Want — Faster Than You Ever Thought




    1. Unlock Your Potential

    2. Take Charge of Your Life

    3. Create Your Own Future

    4. Clarify Your Values

    5. Determine Your True Goals

    6. Decide Upon Your Major Definite Purpose

    7. Analyze Your Beliefs

    8. Start At The Beginning

    9. Measure Your Progress

    10. Remove The Roadblocks

    11. Become An Expert In Your Field

    12. Get Around The Right People

    13. Make A Plan Of Action

    14. Manage Your Time Well

    GOALS! Manuscript (4/15/05) – Page 3 15. Review Your Goals Regularly

    16. Visualize Your Goals Continually

    17. Activate Your Superconscious Mind

    18. Remain Flexible At All Times

    19. Unlock Your Inborn Creativity

    20. Do Something Every Day

    21. Persist Until You Succeed

    Summary - Take Action Today

    Focal Point Coaching

    Recommended Reading

    About the Author

    GOALS! Manuscript (4/15/05) – Page 4


    This book is for ambitious people who want to get ahead faster.

    If this is the way you think and feel, you are the person for whom this

    book is written. The ideas contained in the pages ahead will save you

    years of hard work in achieving the goals that are most important to


    I have spoken more than 2000 times before audiences of as

    many as 23,000 people, in 24 countries. My seminars and talks have

    varied in length from five minutes to five days. In every case, I have

    focused on sharing the best ideas I could find on the particular

    subject with that audience at that moment. After countless talks on

    various themes, if I was only given five minutes to speak to you, and

    I could only convey one thought that would help you to be more

    successful, I would tell you to “write down your goals, make plans to

    achieve them, and work on your plans every single day.”

    This advice, if you followed it, would be of more help to you

    than anything else you could ever learn. Many university graduates

    GOALS! Manuscript (4/15/05) – Page 5 have told me that this simple concept has been more valuable to them

    than four years of study. This idea has changed my life, and the lives

    of millions of other people. It will change yours as well.

    The Turning Point

    A group of successful men got together in Chicago some time

    ago, talking about the experiences of their lives. All of them were

    millionaires and multi-millionaires. Like most successful people, they

    were both humble and grateful for what they had achieved, and for

    the blessings that life had bestowed upon them. As they discussed

    the reasons why they had managed to achieve so much in life, the

    wisest man among them spoke up and said that, in his estimate,

    “success is goals, and all else is commentary.”

    Your time and your life are precious. The biggest waste of time

    and life is for you to spend years accomplishing something that you

    could have achieved in only a few months. By following the practical,

    proven process of goal setting and goal achieving laid out in this

    book, you will be able to accomplish vastly more in a shorter period

    of time than you have ever imagined before. The speed at which you

    GOALS! Manuscript (4/15/05) – Page 6 move onward and upward will amaze both yourself and all the

    people around you.

    By following these simple and easy-to-apply methods and

    techniques, you can move quickly from rags to riches in the months

    and years ahead. You can transform your experience from poverty

    and frustration to affluence and satisfaction. You can go far beyond

    your friends and family and achieve more in life than most other

    people you know.

    In my talks, seminars and consulting, I have worked with more

    than two million people all around the world. I have found, over and

    over, that an average person with clear goals will run circles around a

    genius who is not sure what he or she really wants.

    My personal mission statement has not changed in years. It is:

    “To help people achieve their goals faster than they ever would in the

    absence of my help.”

    This book contains the distilled essence of all that I have

    learned in the areas of success, achievement and goal attainment. By

    following the steps explained in the pages ahead, you will move to

    the front of the line in life. For my children, this book is meant to be a

    GOALS! Manuscript (4/15/05) – Page 7 road map and a guide to help you get from wherever you are to

    wherever you want to go. For my friends and readers of this book,

    my reason for writing it is to give you a proven system that you can

    use to move onto the fast track in your own life.

    Welcome! A great new adventure is about to begin.

    GOALS! Manuscript (4/15/05) – Page 8


    This is a wonderful time to be alive. There have never been

    more opportunities for creative and determined people to achieve

    more of their goals than they can today. Regardless of short-term ups

    and downs in the economy and in your life, we are entering into an

    age of peace and prosperity superior to any previous era in human


    In the year 1900, there were five thousand millionaires in

    America. By the year 2000, there were more than five million, most of

    them self-made, in one generation. Experts predict that there will be

    another ten to twenty million millionaires created in the next two

    decades. Your goal should be to become one of them. This book will

    show you how.

    A Slow Start

    When I was 18, I left high school without graduating. My first

    job was as a dishwasher in the back of a small hotel. From there, I

    moved on to washing cars, and then washing floors with a janitorial

    GOALS! Manuscript (4/15/05) – Page 9 service. For the next few years, I drifted and worked at various

    laboring jobs, earning my living by the sweat of my brow. I worked

    in sawmills and factories. I worked on farms and ranches. I worked

    in the tall timber with a chain saw and dug wells when the logging

    season ended.

    I worked as a construction laborer on tall buildings, and as a

    seaman on a Norwegian Freighter in the North Atlantic. Often I slept

    in my car, or in cheap rooming houses. When I was 23, I was working

    as an itinerant farm laborer during the harvest, sleeping on the hay in

    the barn and eating with the farmer’s family. I was uneducated,

    unskilled, and at the end of the harvest, unemployed once more.

    When I could no longer find a laboring job, I got a job in

    straight commission sales, cold calling from office-to-office and from

    door-to-door. I would often work all day long to make a single sale so

    that I could pay for my rooming house and have a place to sleep that

    night. This was not a great start at life.

    GOALS! Manuscript (4/15/05) – Page 10

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