Forest Products, Livelihoods and Conservation

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  • Forest Products, Livelihoods and Conservation

    Forest Products,

    Livelihoods and


    Case Studies of Non-Timber Forest Product Systems



    Terry Sunderland and Ousseynou Ndoye Forest Products, Livelihoods

    and Conservation

    Case Studies of Non-Timber Forest Product Systems



    Terry Sunderland and Ousseynou Ndoye © 2004 by CIFOR

    All rights reserved. Published in 2004

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    ISBN 979-3361-23-9 (Volumes 1-3)

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    Illustrations: Iskak Syamsudin and Lucy Smith

    Design: Gideon Suharyanto, Yoeli Setiawan and Eko Prianto

    Maps: Andy Darmawan

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    Forest Products, Livelihoods and Conservation. Case Studies of Non-Timber

    Forest Product Systems. Volume 2 x96 Africa / edited by Terry Sunderland and

    Ousseynou Ndoye


    ISBN 979-3361-25-5

    1. Non-timber forest products 2. Livelihoods 3. Conservation 4. Case studies

    5. Africa

    Published by

    Center for International Forestry Research

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    Web site: http://www.cifor.cgiar.org Contents

    Contributors vi

    Acknowledgements ix

    Foreword by His Excellency, Henri Djombo x

    Foreword by J.E. Michael Arnold xii

    Chapter 1

    Commercialisation of non-timber forest products in Africa:

    history, context and prospects 1

    Terry C.H. Sunderland, Susan T. Harrison and Ousseynou Ndoye


    Chapter 2

    Dental hygiene and livelihoods: a case of chewing sticks in Ghana 25

    Dominic Blay

    Chapter 3

    x91Chop, but no broke potx92: the case of Prunus africana on

    Mount Cameroon 37

    Nouhou Ndam and Mahop Tonye Marcelin

    Chapter 4

    Achieving a fair and sustainable trade

    in devilx92s claw (Harpagophytum spp.) 53

    Rachel Wynberg

    Chapter 5

    The informal trade of Cassipourea flanaganii

    as a cosmetic in South Africa 73

    Michelle Cocks and Tony Dold iv


    Chapter 6

    The contribution of shea butter (Vitellaria paradoxa C.F. Gaertner)

    to local livelihoods in Benin 91

    Kathrin Schreckenberg

    Chapter 7

    A case study of Garcinia kola nut production-to-consumption

    system in J4 area of Omo forest reserve, South-west Nigeria 115

    Atilade Akanmu Adebisi

    Chapter 8

    Potential for development and conservation of Dacryodes edulis

    in Sakpoba Forest Reserve, Edo State, in the Niger Delta area

    of Nigeria 133

    Hassan Gbadebo Adewusi


    Chapter 9

    The woodcarving industry in Kenya 149

    Simon Kosgei Choge

    Chapter 10

    Carved wooden drums and trade in Mpigi district, Uganda 169

    Patrick Omeja, Joseph Obua and Anthony B. Cunningham

    Chapter 11

    Trading forest products in South-Eastern Zimbabwe: ecology,

    economics and politics of woodcarving 183

    Wavell Standa-Gunda and Oliver Braedt

    Chapter 12

    The Pterocarpus angolensis DC. based woodcraft industry

    in the Bushbuckridge district, South Africa 203

    Sheona E. Shackleton and Charlie M. Shackleton

    Chapter 13

    Fuelwood in the Maroua area of the Far North Province

    of Cameroon 229

    Tata Precillia Ijang v


    Chapter 14

    Palm utilisation for basketry in Xini Ward, Sengwe communal

    areas, Zimbabwe 245

    Phosiso Sola

    Chapter 15

    The rattan industry in the Ashanti and western regions of Ghana 263

    Charles Adu-Anning

    Chapter 16

    The rattan sector of Rio Muni, Equatorial Guinea 275

    Terry C.H. Sunderland, Michael B. Balinga and Mercy A. Dione

    Chapter 17

    Rattan exploitation in the Yaoundé Region of Cameroon 291

    Louis Defo


    Chapter 18

    Sport hunting of elephant in Zimbabwe: a case study of

    Kanyurira Ward in Guruve district 317

    Dale Doré and Ivan Bond

    Sources used for illustrations 333 vi


    Atilade Akanmu Adebisi Dominic Blay

    CENRAD Forestry Research Institute of Ghana

    P.M.B. 5052 University Box 63, Kumasi

    5 Akinola Maja Street Ghana

    Jericho Hills, Ibadan E-mail: dblay@forig.org


    E-mail: cenrad@mail.skannet.com; Ivan Bond

    cenrad@ibadan.skannet.com World Wide Fund for Nature

    (Southern Africa Region

    Hassan Gbadebo Adewusi Programme Office)

    Department of Forest Resources Almond Tree Cottage

    Management Long Wittenham Road

    University of Ibadan North Moreton, Nr Didcot

    Nigeria Oxon OX11 9AZ

    E-mail: ajilete@hotmail.com United Kingdom


    Charles Adu-Anning leebee@atcottage.freeserve.co.uk

    Department of Agroforestry

    Institute of Renewable Natural Oliver Braedt

    Resources Federal Research Centre for

    Kwame Nkrumah University of Forestry and Forest Products (BFH)

    Science and Technology Leuschnerstrasse 91

    Kumasi D-21031, Hamburg

    Ghana Germany

    E-mail: canning@forig.org; E-mail: braedt@holz.uni-hamburg.de


    Simon Kosgei Choge

    Michael B. Balinga Kenya Forestry Research Institute

    African Rattan Research Programme PO. Box 20412, Nairobi

    c/o Limbe Botanic Garden Kenya

    P.O. Box 437, Limbe E-mail: skchoge2002@yahoo.com;

    Cameroon kefri@arcc.or.ke

    E-mail: mpbalinga@yahoo.fr vii

    Michelle Cocks Tata Precillia Ijang

    Institute of Social & Economic Ministry of Scientific and Technical

    Research, Rhodes University Research in Cameroon

    P.O. Box 94, Grahamstown 6140 Institute of Agricultural Research

    South Africa for Development, Dschang

    E-mail: M.Cocks@ru.ac.za c/o Presbyterian Church Dschang

    P.O.Box 353 Dschang

    Anthony B. Cunningham Cameroon

    People and Plants Initiative E-mail: ijang2001@yahoo.fr

    84 Watkins Street

    White Gum Valley, Fremantle Nouhou Ndam

    Australia Limbe Botanic Garden

    E-mail: peopleplants@bigpond.com P.O. Box 437, Limbe


    Louis Defo E-mail: Lbg@bifunde.com;

    University of Leiden, WOTRO Ph.D Lbgmcp@camnet.cm

    fellowship programme

    P.O. Box 8297 Yaounde Ousseynou Ndoye

    Cameroon CIFOR Cameroon

    E-mail: defotls@yahoo.fr c/o IITA Humid Forest Station

    B.P. 2008, Yaounde

    Mercy A. Dione Cameroon

    University of Buea E-mail: o.ndoye@cgiar.org

    SW Province

    Cameroon Joseph Obua

    Department of Forest Biology and

    Tony Dold Ecosystems Management

    Selmar Schonland Herbarium Faculty of Forestry and Nature

    Rhodes University Conservation, Makerere University

    P.O. Box 94, Grahamstown 6140 P.O.Box 7062, Kampala

    South Africa Uganda

    E-mail: T.Dold@ru.ac.za E-mail: obua@forest.mak.ac.ug

    Dale Doré Patrick Omeja

    SHANDUKO: Centre for Agrarian and Faculty of Forestry & Nature

    Environmental Research Conservation

    195 Fife Avenue, Harare Makeree University

    Zimbabwe PO. Box 7062, Kampala

    E-mail: daledore@zol.co.zw Uganda

    E-mail: omejap@hotmail.com

    Susan Tarka Harrison

    Department of Botany Kathrin Schreckenberg

    Natural History Museum, London Forest Policy and Environment

    Cromwell Road Group, Overseas Development

    London SW7 5BD Institute (ODI)

    United Kingdom 111 Westminster Bridge Road

    E-mail: tarkaharrison@yahoo.com London SE1 7JD

    United Kingdom

    E-mail: k.schreckenberg@odi.org.uk viii

    Charlie M. Shackleton Mahop Tonye Marcelin

    Environmental Science Department PhD student Queen Mary College

    Rhodes University University of London

    Grahamstown, 6140 E-mail: tonyemah@yahoo.com

    South Africa

    E-mail: c.shackleton@ru.ac.za Rachel Wynberg

    Graduate School of Environmental

    Sheona Elizabeth Shackleton Studies

    Environmental Science Department University of Strathclyde

    Rhodes University P.O. Box 83, Kalk Bay 7990

    Grahamstown 6140 South Africa

    South Africa E-mail: rachel@iafrica.com

    E-mail: s.shackleton@ru.ac.za

    Phosiso Sola


    10 Lawson Ave, Milton Park

    Box BExa0398 Belverdere, Harare


    E-mail: afpc2a@bangor.ac.uk;



    Wavell Standa Gunda

    Center for International Forestry


    Regional Office for Eastern &

    Southern Africa

    73 Harare Drive

    Mt. Pleasant, Harare


    E-mail: w.standa@cgiar.org

    Terry C.H. Sunderland

    African Rattan Research Programme

    c/o Limbe Botanic Garden

    P.O. Box 437, Limbe


    E-mail: afrirattan@aol.com;

    TCHSunderland@aol.com ix


    We express our thanks to all people who contributed to the content and

    production of this book, including: Manuel Ruiz-Pérez, Brian Belcher, Bruce

    Campbell, Julius Tieguhong Chupezi, Laurie Clark, James Acworth, Tony

    Cunningham, Ramadhani Achdiawan, Koen Kusters, Jeff Sayer, Eyebe Antoine,

    Citlalli Lopez, Mike Arnold, Titin Suhartini and Munoh Florence. We thank

    Michelle Cocks and Sheona Shackleton for organising a regional workshop.

    The work was supported by the UK Department for International Development

    (DFID) and CIFOR core funding.

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