Food Styling for Photographers

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  • Food Styling for Photographers

    Food Styling

    for Photographers

    A Guide to Creating Your Own Appetizing Art







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    To my sons, Scott and Ben, my sources of inspiration

    Linda Bellingham

    To my wonderful daughter, Audrey

    Jean Ann Bybee This page intentionally left blank Disclaimer

    Th e contents of this book and techniques described herein are intended solely for the purpose of preparing food for

    photography and are not intended for nor should they be used as methods of preparing foods for consumption. This page intentionally left blank Contents

    Disclaimer v

    About the Authors xiii

    Acknowledgments xvii

    Preface xix

    Chapter uf644 Introduction to Food Styling 1

    A Few Rules for Food Styling: 3

    Have a Plan 4

    Be Prepared 5

    Shop Wisely 6

    Looking for a Hero 6

    Tools of the Trade: Assembling Your Food Styling Kit 8

    Basic Kit Components 8

    Equipment Often Used for Food Styling 10

    Supplies Often Used in Food Styling 11

    Chapter uf645 Sets and Settings 15

    Basics to Consider When Planning Food Photography 16

    What’s the Point of the Shot? 16

    How to Make Food Pop in the Image 18

    Tips for Choosing Sets and Surfaces for Food Photography 18

    Table Setting Tips 21

    Working Fabric on the Set 22

    vii CONTENTS

    Chapter uf646 Chilling Facts about Cold Beverages 27

    Th e Beverage of Choice 29

    Frosted Glass Preparation Techniques 29

    Creating Condensation 33

    Building Acrylic Cubes in a Glass 36

    On Set 38

    Adding Liquid to the Hero Glass 39

    Making and Placing Bubbles 40

    Removing Liquid from a Hero Glass 42

    Slushy Drinks: Th e Magic Frozen Margarita 46

    Going to Set with the Margaritas 49

    Chapter uf647 Making a Salad for the Camera 55

    Selection of Salad Ingredients 56

    Shopping and Handling Techniques for Produce 56

    Tips for Keeping Salad Greens Fresh 58

    Salad Support Techniques 60

    How to Dress a Salad for Photography 61

    Building the Salad and Taking It to Set 62

    On Set before Final Photography 63

    Fruit Salads 65

    Techniques for Fruit Prep 65

    Building a Fruit Salad and Taking It to Set 68

    Dressing a Fruit Salad 69

    viii CONTENTS

    Chapter uf648 Pasta and Sauces 73

    Perfect Pasta for the Camera 74

    Sauces for Pasta and Vegetable Salads 76

    Food Additions to the Pasta 77

    Building the Pasta 77

    Adding a Spoon or Other Flatware Th at Will Hold Food 80

    Potato, Pasta, and Vegetable Salads 82

    Chapter uf649 Burgers, Sandwiches, and Beyond 87

    Th e Hamburger 88

    Finding the Perfect Hamburger Bun 88

    Prepping Burger Components 92

    Prepping Burger Patties 93

    Adding Color to the Burger Patties 95

    Building the Hero Burger 95

    On Set with the Hero Burger 100

    Th e Whole Sandwich 102

    Shopping for Sandwich Elements 102

    Prepping Sandwich Ingredients 102

    Building the Hero Whole Sandwich 105

    On Set with a Whole Sandwich 106

    Building a Half or Cut Sandwich for Photography 108

    Chapter uf64a Meeting Meat Head-On 115

    Basic 101 for Photo Meat 116

    Griddle Method of Cooking Meat for Photography 117


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