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  • Fine Art Documentary Wedding Photography

    FINE ART DOCUMENTARY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY We are the husband and wife team behind The LOVE Project.

    As documentary photographers, we have seen and

    photographed some of the most emotionally-draining and

    heart-wrenching stories. One summer, while photographing

    inside a prison about the mentally ill, it was too much. We

    decided that we needed to document something that was a

    little lighter and full of joy so we began documenting love. It

    was called The Love Project and we documented people of

    all ages who were in love.

    We documented old love, young love, large families and

    small families. As we continued the project, we started to

    look at those moments when love was defined such as

    births, deaths and weddings. It was fulfilling and rewarding

    as we loved photographing people on the most important

    days of their lives.

    In 2008, we decided to continue The Love Project and


    photograph love on one of the most defining days of

    a relationship, one’s wedding. Not only do we hope our

    photographs spark the memory that you felt when you

    said your vows, we hope our documentation of love helps 252.564.9448 | theloveprojectweddings.com

    generations beyond us know that despite the ills of the

    world, love still exists and can be defined by those you

    surround yourself with.

    We hope this portfolio gives you a sense of who we are as

    a couple and photographers.

    Tim Gruber & Jenn Ackerman- Gruber


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    ove ove


    We tell stories. That simple sentence sums up everything team approach on a variety of projects including our work for

    we work to achieve through our photographs and films. We are Miss USA, Miss Universe, The New York Times, and our Emmy-

    trained and driven as documentary photographers and take this winning prison documentary. Together, we tell a timeless, Imagine if you could do anything you wanted? We are doing just and film program at Ohio University with a focus on documentary

    same approach to the weddings we photograph. beautiful and inspired wedding day story. that. We love what we do and couldn’t imagine doing anything photography and filmmaking. Trained as storytellers, our award-

    else. It’s pure bliss. winning photos have appeared in publications such as Time

    We document weddings like we do life, capturing beautiful and As a team and married couple, we know and understand the Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New

    poetic moments that tell the story of your day. No matter what power of shooting images from the heart. You can’t photograph We truly define documentary photographers and filmmakers. We York Times, USA Today, Communication Arts, PDN, The Dallas

    we’re photographing, we work to create images that make you what you don’t feel. Meaning we value developing a relationship have lived with the homeless for a winter working to capture their Morning News and many more.

    feel. We want you to feel how you felt when you walked down with the people we photograph and we hope it comes across in struggle. We spent months in prison documenting the mentally ill

    the aisle and the way he looked at you when you were saying all of our images. We would like to think of you as more than a and elderly inmates. We ate minnows in Africa documenting rural Our documentary films have been screened in film festivals around

    your vows. Our hope is that you will relive those feelings every client. You’re a friend. health. We have photographed everything from presidents, Hugh the country and our most recent film, Trapped: Mental Illness in

    time you see your photos and watch the film. Hefner, the Dallas Cowboys, and everyday citizens with a love for America’s Prisons, won an Emmy.

    Our goal is simple – for our wedding photographs and films to life and we would love to photograph your wedding.

    We have an interesting perspective as a couple photographing serve as sparks that reignite the love and excitement you felt We are very blessed to be doing what we love and we always bring

    weddings. We are in tune with how each other ticks and provide for each other on your wedding day. We both have master’s degrees from the renowned photography that same passion for photography to your wedding.

    seamless non-intrusive coverage of your day. We’ve used this

    Our wedding in South Nags Head. People often ask who had the nerve-wrenching task of photographing our wedding. Luckily, we have an amazing (L to R) - Tony, 10, a fifth generation circus clown during one of his acts. Miss Zambia relaxes during the Miss Universe pageant. A portrait of Hugh Hefner. An

    group of friends who are also great photographers. All the guests said we had the best documented wedding they had ever been to with a team of six elderly inmate stares into freedom from our on-going documentary about aging and dying behind bars. Our film about mental illness in prison received an Emmy.

    photographers shooting photos and video of our day. Photo by Jim Korpi.

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