Environmental Engineering FOURTH EDITION

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  • Environmental Engineering FOURTH EDITION

    Ruth F. Weiner and Robin Matthews


    Updated e d iti o n of Environmental Engineering, previousI y c o a ut ho red

    by J. Jeffrey Peirce and P. Aarne Vesilind.



    Fourth Edition ENVIRONMENTAL


    Fourth Edition

    Ruth E Weiner

    Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Sciences

    University of Michigan

    Ann Arbor; MI


    Robin A. Matthews

    Huxley College of Environmental Studies

    Western Washington University

    Bellingham, WA


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    03 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

    Printed in the United States of America To Hubert Joy, Geojky Matthews,

    and Natalie Weiner Contents

    Preface xiii

    1 Environmental Engineering 1

    Civil Engineering 1

    Public Health 4

    Ecology 5

    Ethics 7

    Environmental Engineering as a Profession 10

    Organization of This Text 10

    2 Assessing Environmental Impact 13

    Environmental Impact 13

    Use of Risk Analysis in EnvironmentalA ssessment 23

    Socioeconomic Impact Assessment 24

    Conclusion 29

    Problems 30

    3 RiskAnalysis 33

    Risk 33

    Assessment of Risk 34

    Probability 35

    Dose-Response Evaluation 38

    Population Responses 40

    Exposure and Latency 40

    Expression of Risk 41

    Risk Perception 46

    Ecosystem Risk Assessment 47

    Conclusion 47

    Problems 47

    4 Water Pollution 51

    Sources of Water Pollution 51

    Elements of Aquatic Ecology 54

    Biodegradation 57


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