Cross-Cultural Psychology

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  • Cross-Cultural Psychology

    Cross-Cultural Psychology


    has been substantially revised to provide the student with the most

    comprehensive overview of cross-cultural psychology available in one


    most up-to-date research in the field, and written two new chapters on

    language and on emotion. Within a universalist framework the book

    emphasizes not only research on basic processes and theory, but also

    methodology and applications of cross-cultural psychology with respect

    to acculturation, organizational processes, communication, health, and

    national development. The new format of the book is designed to make


    chaptersummaries,furtherreading,andaglossaryofkeyterms. Cross-Cultural Psychology

    Research and Applications



    Queen’s University










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    List of figures page xii

    List of tables xiv

    Foreword by Gustav Jahoda xv

    Preface to the first edition xvii

    Preface to the second edition and acknowledgments xix

    Acknowledgments xxi

    1 Introduction to cross-cultural psychology 1

    What is cross-cultural psychology? 1

    Goals of cross-cultural psychology 3

    Relationships with other disciplines 5

    Ethnocentrism in psychology 8

    A general framework for cross-cultural psychology 10

    Conclusions 14

    Key terms 15

    Further reading 15

    Part I Similarities and differences in behavior across cultures

    2 Cultural transmission and individual development 19

    Cultural and biological transmission 20

    Early development and caretaking 21

    Enculturation and socialization 29

    Adolescence 39

    Moral development 39

    Conceptualizations of development 44

    Conclusions 49

    Key terms 50

    Further reading 50

    3 Social behavior 52

    Sociocultural context 53

    Conformity 57

    Values 59

    Individualism and collectivism 65 viii Contents

    Social cognition 71

    Gender behavior 73

    Conclusions 84

    Key terms 84

    Further reading 84

    4 Personality 86

    Traits across cultures 87

    Self in social context 100

    Conceptions of the person 104

    Altered states of consciousness 109

    Conclusions 113

    Key terms 113

    Further reading 113

    5 Cognition 114

    General intelligence 115

    Genetic epistemology 131

    Cognitive styles 137

    Contextualized cognition 143

    Conclusions 145

    Key terms 146

    Further reading 146

    6 Language 147

    Language development 147

    Linguistic relativity 149

    Universals in language 165

    Bilingualism 168

    Conclusions 170

    Key terms 171

    Further reading 171

    7 Emotion 172

    Understanding “others” 173

    Universality of emotions 176

    Emotions as cultural states 185

    Componential approaches 188

    Conclusions 194

    Key terms 195

    Further reading 195

    8 Perception 196

    Historical roots 197

    Sensory functions 199 Contents ix

    Perception of patterns and pictures 202

    Face recognition 214

    Psychological esthetics 216

    Conclusions 220

    Key terms 221

    Further reading 221

    Part II Pursuing relationships between behavior and culture:

    research strategies

    9 Approaches from cultural anthropology 225

    Conceptions of culture 225

    Ethnography 233

    Psychological anthropology 241

    Cognitive anthropology 249

    Conclusions 253

    Key terms 253

    Further reading 253

    10 Biology and culture 255

    Evolution and adaptation 255

    Behavior genetics 265

    Ethology 271

    Models of cultural transmission 280

    Conclusions 283

    Key terms 284

    Further reading 284

    11 Methodological concerns 286

    Qualitative methodology 287

    Designing culture-comparative studies 294

    Psychological data in cultural context 301

    Analysis of equivalence 304

    Classification of inferences 312

    Conclusions 315

    Key terms 315

    Further reading 315

    12 Theoretical issues in cross-cultural psychology 317

    Inferred antecedents 320

    Absolutism, relativism, and universalism 324

    Conceptualizations of behavior–culture relationships 328

    Beyond current controversies? 336

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